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Amy George

Amy George

Amy George was born in Drushkovka, Ukraine, in the unsettling years prior to World War II. Amy never knew what a birthday was until she was six, celebrated her first Christmas at the age of nine, and first heard about God when she was ten.

On an October night in 1937, the sounds of a fist pounding on their door began a horrific journey for the family. No reason was given as their home was invaded and searched by the NKVD (Secret Police) and her father whisked away into the night. Amy’s father was sentenced to 10 years in Siberian slave labor camps, leaving his wife and children, including two year old Amy, poverty stricken, struggling to survive in sub-zero temperatures, and suffering near starvation.

As World War II ensued, Hitler’s armies invaded Ukraine and Russia. Seven year old Amy, her mother, sister, and brother were transported by cattle train to Germany’s forced labor camps and witnessed first-hand the horrors of Hitler’s Germany. At war’s end, Amy’s family made their way to America and a new life.

Set against the human backdrop of war, tragedy, and loss, Goodbye is Not Forever is a vivid depiction of God’s faithfulness to those the world may deem insignificant and meaningless. Amy’s desire is to communicate the faithfulness of God in the midst of any circumstance and affirm that in God’s sight, everyone has significance.

"This Book Should Be A Movie"

We have a great opportunity for the book “Goodbye Is Not Forever” to be made into a Film or a television project.