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Goodbye Is Not Forever

Goodbye is Not Forever is the true story of Amy who was born in Drushkovka, Ukraine. Her family was torn apart during WWII. They suffered starvation, labor camps, separation from family, and the terror of war time cruelty.

Little Amy Never Knew Her Father

One dark night, when she was only a baby, the Soviet secret police forcefully arrested Amy’s father…and condemned him to the frigid wastelands of Siberia.

Then as World War II began, the armies of the Third Reich invaded her small Russian village. Amy, a tender seven-year-old child, was taken by cattle car to a slave labor camp and witnessed firsthand the horrors of Hitler’s Germany.

As the war ends, Amy and her mother make a daring escape, with execution the likely verdict if they are captured. Over the years, Amy wondered about her father. Was he still alive? Would she ever see him again?

A true story, Goodbye is Not Forever serves as a vivid confirmation of God’s never-ending grace in the lives of His children.

Amy George

Amy George was born in Drushkovka, Ukraine, in the unsettling years prior to World War II.

Chapter 1

Soviet Justice SPRING 1936 DRUSHKOVKA, a village in Ukraine FYODOR (Amy's father)


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Film or TV

We have a great opportunity for the book "Goodbye Is Not Forever" to be made into a film or television project.


For years Amy has shared her story with people at large conferences and small intimate groups. Listen now as she shares her story…which is truly His story.

Safe in His Arms

The song was written for Goodbye Is Not Forever. As the KGB forced Fyodor out of his home and escorted him into the dark night, nobody knew where he was going or if they would ever see him again. Safe In His Arms is a song for Fyodor reflecting the prayer of his heart as he headed to an unknown place leaving his beloved family behind.

Composed by Debbie Cannaday – Amy George’s daughter

Amy George

From Ukraine - To Germany - To America

Married in 1920

Maria made the shirt for Fyodor

Drushkovka, Ukraine

Amy with her brother and mother

Amy with her mom

This picture was sent to Fyodor while he was in Siberia

Married in 1957

Bob and Amy

Family Reunited

Family Photos

"This Book Should Be A Movie"

We have a great opportunity for the book “Goodbye Is Not Forever” to be made into a Film or a television project.